Publishing soon:

A modern Medusa retelling
Part of the Hidden Myths Novellas
Fall 2019

Crimson Mage
Book one of the Empire of the Lotus series
Available May 2019 - August 2019 in the [redacted] boxed set
Individual launch December 2019 via Snowy Wings Publishing

Cauldron of Ash
A Dark Cauldron Novel co-written with author Jenna Lee
Available May 2019 - August 2019 in the [redacted] boxed set
Individual launch date to be announced

Not yet contracted:

Beyond the Shadow Vale
Shadow Vale Book One

Always check over your shoulder.
Don’t trust anyone.
Never reveal who you are.

For Cecilia Cortez, the hardest part of life was hiding her family’s jinn heritage. But when the Paranormal Witness Protection Program brings them into hiding, she’s got a much bigger problem: hiding from the ghoul mafia. Now she must adapt to a secretive life in the hidden town of Shadow Vale with a new name, a new home, and a new school—a school attended by other paranormal students who are also in hiding.

When fellow classmates start turning up dead, Cecilia fears the mafia might be closer than she thinks. And her jinn powers may not be enough to keep her from being the next victim.

Complete and on submission, in the hands of some publishers, so cross your fingers!

Beneath the Shallow Grave
Shadow Vale Book Two

Complete and turned in to agent.

Below the Scarlet Moon
Shadow Vale Book Three


Grim Resurrection, Grim Possession, and Grim Redemption
The Vila Chronicles Trilogy (Formerly the Reaper's Rite series)

In process of being re-housed with new publisher